Myriad Editions

Myriad Editions is an independent publisher specialising in three distinct but complementary genres: topical atlases, graphic non-fiction and original fiction.

Founded as a packager in 1993, Myriad quickly won international acclaim for its award-winning State of the World atlas series and remains committed to mapping today’s most important political, social and environmental concerns.

The flagship State of the World Atlas was originally devised by Michael Kidron and Ronald Segal. On publication it was widely hailed as revolutionary in both form and content, marking a radical departure from conventional cartography. Now in its 8th edition, authored by leading international peace researcher Dan Smith OBE, it has sold over 700,000 copies in different languages around the world.

Combining clear analysis with creative graphics, we have developed an excellent means of conveying large amounts of information through the medium of the map. We commission specialist authors to analyse the latest available data and our team of highly skilled editors, designers and cartographers transforms these vital statistics into authoritative summaries of key issues facing the world today.

Most of our atlases are distributed internationally, through publishers including Penguin and the University of California Press in the USA, Earthscan in the UK, Éditions Autrement in France, Eva in Germany, Obeikan in Saudi Arabia, Publifolha in Brazil, Maruzen in Japan, Sigma in Taiwan and Pajera in Thailand.

We also publish special projects for the United Nations and other international organizations. These include a miniAtlas series on global development for The World Bank and a series of atlases on public health issues for organizations such as the World Health Organization, the CDC, UNICEF and the American Cancer Society.

All of Myriad’s atlases illustrate human development and social concerns. Unique as visual surveys of economic, political and social trends, they make global issues accessible for general readers, students and professionals alike.

You can follow new global developments with facts and figures from the latest atlases on Myriad’s The State of the World Twitter.

Graphic non-fiction

In 2005 we published The Brighton Book, a mix of fiction, reportage, photography and graphics, all with a strong sense of place. The anthology was a great success and we went on to publish the full-length works of three of the featured writers:Martine McDonaghWoodrow Phoenix and Lesley Thomson. Gradually we expanded our publishing programme, building a small and diverse list of fiction and graphic non-fiction, much of which shares themes and political sensibilities with the atlases.

Myriad’s list of activist non-fiction and documentary comic books is designed to complement our Atlases. Alongside the mapping and graphic analysis of topical issues here is a distinctive and diverse selection of unconventional viewpoints, controversial opinions, new voices and new ways of seeing.


In 2009 Myriad received an Arts Council England grant to help us build a distinctive and diverse showcase of original fiction. We are actively seeking out home-grown talent and aim to publish up to six début novels each year, launching new writers from Brighton and beyond. Find out about our submissions policy here.

Collaborating with universities and colleges, arts organisations, creative writing groups and individuals, we work closely with new authors and commission local designers to produce striking and unique covers for each book.

We have been exploring innovative ways to ensure our books get the recognition they deserve, pioneering the Virtual Book Tour as well as organising events with booksellers, libraries, universities and festivals.

As part of our mission to encourage and support creative writers, we have joined forces with West Dean College to launch a new annual prize for a narrative work in progress. The Writer’s Retreat Competition is judged purely on the strength and promise of the writing. The first winner was announced as part of a Brighton Festival event in May 2010.

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